Cat Declawing

Declaw Your Cat in Colorado Springs, CO

Our top priority is providing the highest-quality of veterinary care to each pet we treat. Every policy and medical procedure supported by our practice has been put in place with the health and wellness of pets in mind.

Our veterinarians prefer to perform a surgical onychectomy as a last resort. As in the owners try to take advantage of soft paws to prevent destruct behavior in their home or to protect humans against scratches. Owners can also supply multiple cat posts around the house. Soft paws can be clear or colored plastic caps that go over trimmed nails with an adhesive glue. Soft paws are the effective and humane alternative to declawing. Unfortunately, all cats are not amenable to behavior modification and we believe that this surgical procedure will result in fewer cats being abandoned or euthanized. Once declawed, it is recommended that your cat live indoors since the ability to defend itself is compromised.

We also believe feline onychectomy should be performed only with the medically appropriate use of anesthetics and analgesics and adherence to careful surgical and post-surgical protocols. We use several monitoring devices during your pet's anesthetic. A veterinary technician continually assesses your pet's vital signs during the procedure.

Your pet's safety and comfort are our primary concerns when performing a declaw. We use pain management techniques in conjunction with anesthesia to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during the procedure and after they are discharged. Our declaw patients receive an injectable pain medication during the procedure and go home with oral pain medication. We perform nerve blocks of the feet that provide additional pain relief immediately after the surgery. Our declaw patients stay with us for 2 nights so that we can be sure they are comfortable. Bandages are removed on the second day so that we can assess the surgical area, then are able to go home the following morning. It is very common to see these kitties pawing playfully through the kennel door following this surgery.