Our Team

We would like to introduce you to our extremely dedicated and profound staff at the Black Forest Veterinary Clinic. Our number one mission is client satisfaction and it clearly shows on the wagging tails and wet noses of our patients. We are dedicated providers of wellness care, preventative medicine, internal medicine, and more.

Dr. Brittany McDonald at Black Forest Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Brittany McDonald
Hospital Manager

Brittany McDonald is also one of our certified veterinary technicians. She graduated in 2015 although her start in veterinary medicine began long before then. Since passing her national exam, Brittany has developed a very well-rounded skill set but her focus has always been ensuring you and your pets have the best experience. With her calling in leadership she aspires to finish her education and earn the title of certified veterinary practice manager.

She is a Colorado native and enjoys our beautiful state with her daughter and their dogs, Bartholomew the French Bulldog and Felon the German Shepherd Dog. In her free time, Brittany enjoys either being really active or really laidback. You may find her on a hike or watching a marathon of her favorite TV show.

Abigail at Black Forest Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Client Services

Abigail graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2013. She moved from just outside D.C. to Colorado Springs in early 2017. She grew up with all kinds of pets and farm animals which lead to her passion for working with animals. She has 2 guinea pigs named Sheepie and Delta, and a little troublemaker Australian koolie rescue named Kuiper. In her free time, Abigail loves hiking, reading, and kicking back with a hot cup of tea.

Amy at Black Forest Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Client Services

Amy is a Native, she grew up traveling through the mountains of Colorado. She is extremely passionate and enjoys working at the front desk greeting all of our clients and assisting them with their pet’s needs. Amy enjoys working on cars with her husband and their two boys when she is not working. She has a “Zoo”, as she would say if you asked her, of pets: 3 cats (Inky, Celeste, Dip N/’ Dots), 3 dogs (Winnie, Ophelia, Snickers) and a stunning Giant Macaw, Kima.

Vet Techs

Veterinary Assistants